María Lupe Hernández-Muñiz is a multi-passionate powerhouse diva and mom specializing in event marketing – ready to serve, impact, and benefit the masses. Residing in Los Angeles, California, this Mexican-American community leader and empowerment coach found her inner circle applauding her bond and connection with her son. In retrospect, this bond stemmed from the moment she became a mom to a wonderful little boy at the age of 19 and became a single mother only a few years later. With plenty of inner work to be achieved, she vowed that, together with her son, they would help one another build the skills necessary to have healthy communications with those they love. 

In 2018, she decided to pause her career to focus on her only son, who would soon graduate high school. Part of that time focused on writing her first children’s book, “I Love You *Kiss* *Hug* *Snug* It’s OK To Cry.” Now an entrepreneur, Maria Lupe’s goal is to create an impact and begin the conversation about raising emotionally intelligent boys. And although her story shares personal experiences of emotional growth and vulnerability with her son, this concept applies to all humans alike. P.S. Her son, Isaiah, is now 20 years old and approves of her stories.